Land Highly Competitive Jobs
With the Proprietary 90:30:10 Method

Trusted by Senior Leaders in Big-Tech, Med-Tech, and Fintech

We focus on 3 components to help you landing your next job:
1) Power Positioning – crafting your value in a highly collaborative process
2) Networking – Accessing the hidden job market and obtaining referrals with the 90:30:10 Method
3) Passing Interviews – Going the extra mile to differentiate yourself from the competition

Trusted by Leaders at:

Don't be stuck with a job that does not make you happy. We can help you transitioning to most companies - as long as you are motivated to go the extra mile. Are you worried about...

      • Not taking action when you had a chance?
      • Doing a lateral move
Losing money by not working at a better paid job?

If so, we get it. We’re here to help you transition to the job you deserve.

Your dream job can become a reality.

1. Book a free strategy call

Let’s assess where you’re stuck in your job search and create a plan

3. Get a first session at a heavily discounted price

With Career Propulsion, the process is painless and guarantees satisfaction.
It’s a collaborative process, where you’re not alone.

We reposition your story into a document that drives results.
We’ll craft one experience at a time until you’re 100% satisfied.

You’ll learn how to create rapidly quality connections offering to refer you to any company.
The combination of a strong repositioning with the 90:30:10 Method consistently leads to interviews.

Rest assured that you receive only world-class quality

Rewriting a resume can feel like a massive burden. It can be stressful, as you don’t know what to expect from the writer. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With Career Propulsion, you’ll get a world-class document without all the stress.
Furthermore, we do not ask for any down payment before the first session. If you’re not fully satisfied, we can stop there and we don’t have to work together. We don't want unhappy customers, so we’re removing all risk from you. That’s how confident we are in the process.


Dr. Jeremy is a gem of a person, a patient listener, and brings the best out of you. He crafted the storyline that helped me to find a job. I will be indebted to him for the guidance he provided.
Saurabh J.
Lead IT Program Manager
Dr. Jeremy is a foremost leader in the career search industry and for good reason. He delivers REAL RESULTS and is worth every penny.
Brian G.
R&D Leader /
Principal Portfolio Manager
Finding Jeremy was such a gift! I thought that I would hire Jeremy to simply write my resume and that would be it. However, what I have received from him is far superior! His approach and level of expertise and ability to hone in on what is most important is top-notch!
Elizabeth S.
Director, Digital Advisory
 This is not just a resume service; Jeremy is a keen and astute contributor, and helps clients comprise and tell the best story of their career achievements. 
Hetal K.
Healthcare Executive
 Jeremy is both personable and thoughtful and has to date provided me with a strategic framework and revised resume that I am confident will help me as I pursue my next professional leadership opportunity. 
Jeremy S.
Partner - Business Development
& Sales Operations
 Jeremy is an excellent resume writer and career coach - he has helped me and he can help you as well.
Patrick B.
Director, Drug Product Technical Transfer