About Me

My Story as a Career Switcher…

So you may be wondering who am I really? And why should you listen to me? I’m a jumper.

I switched successfully from Particle Physics at CERN, to Aerospace Engineering with Northrop Grumman, to the Med-Tech Industry at Becton Dickinson, working first in R&D, and then in Strategy & Business Development.

Now I’m the Lead Recruiter for the most selective Leadership Program in the Industry, with less than 1% acceptance. You may be thinking I’ve been living a super-human and incredibly exciting life! And you’d be right!

Because I’m a successful career switcher I can help you do the same. Here’s how…

I’m the Founder and creator of Career Propulsion; a professional career coaching and career placement business dedicated to helping people just like you, professionally apply, be selected and get hired at a dream job or be coached on how to stand out and win a big promotion.  

I created the 90:30:10 Method and innovative career strategies to assist my Career Propulsion students so they can rise to the top of the applicant pile and gain the attention of recruiters. 

I coach them on how to connect with recruiters and hiring managers so they can get an interview, ace it and win the job or promotion they long for.

What this means to you and securing the job or winning the big promotion of your dreams… 

Simply by using my Career Propulsion Program you’ll get innovative and extremely effective tools with up-to-date career strategies guaranteed to land your next job, no matter the industry or your past education or experience.

When I coach you, you will be given my proven insights on how to properly approach and get noticed by recruiters and hiring managers so they will be impressed with you, your resume and your ability to solve their problems.

My Career Propulsion Program will give you access to my private recruiter secrets.

Work with me and you’ll know how to avoid common application mistakes so you can place your application at the top of the pile and easily bypass hundreds if not thousands of other applicants (even those who are more qualified than you). 

After you properly apply and are invited to an interview, I’ll show you the right way to present your solutions to a hiring manager’s problems and most pressing needs. I’ll coach on your interview and how to negotiate for a higher salary and feel comfortable and confident doing it.

Do all that right and the job offer is a slam dunk!